Caroline Bielanska in the Media


ITV's Tonight Programme

Caroline was interviewed about the abuse of Lasting Powers of Attorney by family members. 

The Financial Times

Caroline answered a reader's question on  care funding 

BBC Radio 4's Money Box

Caroline has answered listeners queries about Lasting Powers of attorney and care fee funding on numerous occasions

The Daily Mail

Caroline told of her experience of banks lack of understanding of powers of attorney both professionally but also as a family carer

BBC Radio 4's File on Four

Caroline explained how solicitors charges are independently checked when they act as a Court appointed deputy  for someone who lacks capacity.

BBC's Inside Out East

Caroline highlighted  misrepresentations made by a will writer about asset protection trusts. 

Caroline Bielanska in the Media



Caroline was interviewed by presenter Vivian White  to highlight the risks in using a will writing service. Many people are under the false impression a ‘will writer’ is a solicitor, but unlike a solicitor they do not have to undergo any training, have insurance,  or be  regulated by any organisation which ensures that they conduct their activities in the interests of the consumer and provide some form of redress, if things go wrong.

The Telegraph

Interviewed about lack of understanding by financial institutions of powers of attorney


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